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"Beautiful and devastating"  - Reader response to How To Use The World Pt1

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I'm a Melbourne author with a history of publications in literary and film review, poetry, drama and short prose under imprints within Australia and overseas. For my self-published books, and works on Amazon and other eBook outlets, I've chosen to write under the pen-name DN Charles.

My passion is travel and my background is in teaching and, recently, as a lecturer at some prominent Australian universities. A major life change in 2003 was the impetus to set me firmly on the writing path with my first memoir novel Child Of The Moon which, after some eBook success in 2006-8, is returning to Amazon and other eBook outlets in May, 2019. Child Of The Moon will also be released in paperback on October 1, 2019, after six months of reviews and support via the Patreon website.

How To Use The World, the story of a totally unplanned 100 day overland journey to Europe in 2009, is my second non-fiction novel. It's out there now- released in 7 parts on Amazon, starting Jan12. Each successive part will be released roughly every 14 days so that, in a sense, the reader will go on the journey with me over the same period of time, exactly ten years after the events which shaped this work.

 "Never a dull moment"   - unsolicited eBook reader feedback on How To Use The World

"I loved this book!"  - unsolicited eBook reader feedback on Child Of The Moon

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How To Use The World
Child Of The Moon
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My Journal

How To Use The World

On  January 4, 2009, I grabbed a light pack and boarded a train for a solo, three-day trip from Adelaide to Darwin. Two days later I knew I couldn't go back. Three months later, 14 countries behind me, I stood at the Eiffel tower.

What happened over that hundred days - how a mini-break grew into more than three months of random and relentless travel and the fulfillment of a dream thought long lost - is the story of How To Use The World.
on AMAZON now

Child Of The Moon

A man, a divorce, a beach shack, a different escort every month. Well, that was the plan...

Written moment-to-moment with the honesty of anonymity, Child Of The Moon explores the deceptive gap between lust and love, and the secret link between skin and soul. As such, it stands as a raw and rare insight  into expensive sex and priceless spirituality.
Amazon Re-release : May 1
PATREON Campaign Release : June 1
Paperback Release : October 1
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Unsolicited feedback from beta readers, interest groups and previous release e-Book buyers...
'I think I fell inlove with the writer in the sense I loved seeing how you saw these women, in your bed before you got lost in sexual pleasures, I loved the way you wrote a diary and a story and threw in some lessons! I would like to thank you for this book, I will never forget what I read on the pages of my Kindle!!!'
'I loved this book. Within the structure of what could easily be just a tacky sex romp ... it presents something full of depth.'
 'Wow! I became totally fixated by your writing. Don't really know what to say. Compelling, transfixing, original, beautiful, sad... '
'Beautifully written, with not a cliché in sight, it takes us to the heart of a man’s desperate struggle for survival after the traumatic end of a relationship.'
 ' ...has an Everyman quality that gave this female reader a little more insight into how it feels to be male in the modern world. Put Child of the Moon beside all the countless books on how women survive in similar circumstances and you might ... have two sides of the same coin.'
 'Thank you very much - you brought me lots of wonderful imagery and showed me a glimpse of life from a man's point of view, very honest and sincere!'
 '...a profound inner journey into the approximation of wholeness...
 'Child is an introspective stream of consciousness; an atmospheric, though oddly calming, metaphor.'
'You have also inspired me to start my long awaited own journal book!'

"'Superb writing of the first magnitude.'